Running a business online is something that seems to be easier but tactful. When you are making a website it’s like an art and you put a lot of effort to make it run well.

You need to think about your products, customers, campaigns, and many more. The brick-and-mortar is also in the surge of this online trend.

It’s boring if you just think about your online business or any website to be in one way. You are adding products, selling, and making money.

That doesn’t make your online business/ services the best one. Customers are the main trajectory of your business. Keep asking them what they like about your business/ website and what they dislike.

Not necessarily it has to be a like/dislike, ask for their feedback. These valuable customer insights will further help you to make your business strategies and yes, earn more revenue! So, let’s not make you wait.

Scroll down to this read to know about the tips to create an customer satisfaction surveys. With this, you can keep going with your customers. Have a look.

What is a Customer Survey?

Whenever you are selling products/services, you must know how your customers feel about them. Do they like it or not?

So, your website should be a platform allowing customers to share their thoughts. Otherwise, it will be difficult to understand their approach towards your business.

There should be a casual relationship with your traffic. So, asking them how they feel or want to share is customer service. There are many tools to conduct an online survey.

You can use any of them on your website to get your job done. You can simply ask them about your product/service, brand, suggestions, and also their experience as a user.

Types of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

net promoter score NPS

This process includes short and simple questions. You will get to know what’s in their mind. Will they repurchase from your website?

So, simply add questions, and ratings to know their level of satisfaction and brand experience. You can scale the website experience from 0 to 10.

You can even add open-ended questions for them. For instance, “Do you like the service of our website”, would you recommend it to your keen interest? Etc.

You can then add the range from 0-10 for product and brand experience. So, NPS can be a way to identify your user’s feelings and you can add different questions to run this.

There is an excellent way to calculate this. Those who give 0-6, are detractors meaning they are not satisfied customers, 7-8 are passive means not that much interested and indifferent to your business, finally 9-10 are Promoters ( Happy customers who will recommend your business to others).

Customer Effort Score (CES)

customer effort score (CES)

It is one of the strongest types to measure your customer’s loyalty to your business as well as the evaluation of your strategies. It simply means how you have reduced the customer’s effort while they are with your website.

If you arrange everything in such a way that causes them high efforts to be with your business, they will be dissatisfied. You can do this one single question.

Ask them one question and align a rating bar. CES rating range is from 1-7. Here 5-7 means they are satisfied and agree. 1-4 are strongly dissatisfied. You might wonder, what will be the question for this.

So, you can ask ” Our website is offering complete ease, Do you agree?” CES is a 40% accurate survey to know who are your loyal/ satisfied customers and who are passive.

Product Market Fit Score

product market fit score

This survey is to ask your customers about your top-notch products or services. You can ask them about their product satisfaction.

With this type of survey, you will learn if your product has won the hearts of your intended customers. You can ask them how you feel without this product?

The options will be Not disappointed, disappointed, and very disappointed. So, those who are very disappointed are the promoters.

By calculating the percentages, you can measure your product’s worth. So easy. If you get at least 40% or more of the promoters then your product has a higher product market fir score.

Customer satisfaction Score

customer satisfaction score

You need to know where your customers are facing problems or in which case they are enjoying your products or services the most.

So, after every purchase, every browse, you can ask” How was your experience with this product/ how was your day with us?” and other questions.

It will enable you to plan for your further business. You can even add open-ended comments and scale or ratings on immediate experience. It is a metric-based customer satisfaction survey process. A specific customer touchpoint is the main theme.

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey Important?

Your business is nothing without the users or customers. So, their perception of your business is a must. The customer satisfaction survey helps-

  • Get an overview of your products/services- Which is doing well and what needs more updates according to customer ratings.
  • You will get a statistical analysis of your business with the satisfaction survey. With this data, you can prioritize your marketing strategies.
  • The open-ended comments and feedback help to know what’s the problem with the unhappy users. By listening to them, if you solve their problem, the customers will automatically become a promoter of your business
  • Use the happy customers with more privileges/incentives on their favorite products so that they will refer your business to other customers/ promote it on social media, etc.
  • Also, thank the customers after they participate in the survey. Because it will be a good note for your business.
  • Increase your brand name or visibility. The comments, feedback, and surveys ultimately make your business a well-functioning one. Because people are talking about this, taking your products. Also making this survey public will have a more positive impact on your business.

Tips And Best Practices to Create Customer Survey

Well, now that you know what the customer satisfaction survey is, how it works, and what it brings for your business, it’s time to reveal the tips to make an effective one.

Go with the best-suited survey design

survey design

Source: QuestionPro

Each business doesn’t need to be following the same tune of the survey. According to your business type, products, and services, you need to assign a perfect survey design for it.

So as we discussed above regarding the types of survey types- you can choose one. If you are more interested in an overall happening, pick NPS, a more product specific-then Product market fit score.

For a qualitative output from customers include the CES. However, know what your business demands. And what is the capability of your customer survey analyzing team?

Are they experts to analyze qualitative data? or quantitative. So, the foremost thumb rule is to set the survey design/type.

Carefully adding the questions

Now that you know your survey design. Make the questions clear and out. The questions can be scale, multiple choice, binary and open-ended questions.

According to the survey design, you will pick the questions. Scale questions like 0-10/ satisfied, very satisfied, disappointed, and other scales can be used in the NPS and CES.

The open-ended questions are for broad qualitative analysis. So, it can be used in Customer satisfaction scores and product market fit surveys.

Don’t be clumsy with your questions. Make a short and quick survey. In this, the binary questions are not the right fit because the single questions and the Yes/NO answers can be lengthy sometimes.

You can design for customer surveys with a blend of multiple, scale, and open-ended questions. 

Get in touch with the customers regularly

For an effective survey, you need to be always in touch with your customers. Build your business with two-way communication.

It’s not like you will be just giving your campaigns and asking customers how they feel about your business once in a while.

Perhaps request them regularly to share their thoughts on any specific event of a business. This way you will have a lot more data to utilize in your business. Bring your business closer to the customers.

A/B testing of the survey design

When you think of the survey design is ready and it’s time to share with the traffic. Don’t hurry. Make a survey/rating of your survey design by some business experts or your team/ simply the loyal customers you have in your court. So, run a quick short testing of your survey designs, get the score for each, and then put into action the best one.

Know the best timing for your survey

best timing for your survey

Source: zendesk

It is important to know when your survey hits the customer the most. So, know the timing of your survey. Make your customers comfortable. In the climax of their journey with your website, pop-ups with the survey.

For example- your customer just got the delivery of a product, ask them how they feel about it, or if they just got customer service from your end, ask them about the support. These things can keep your business updated and a happy customer engagement is what you can expect from it.  

Bring variation in the questions

Don’t stick with one type of question pattern. Like how was your experience? What do I like and many more.

Give them a scenario, like showcasing your success at first, that you got this many sales this much, so what’s their opinion about it?

It’s not always just about the positive and negative feedback, responses all the time. Bring diversity in the questions, patterns, and presentation of the survey to involve more customer insight. 

Use graphics thoughtfully

Don’t be so black and white with the questions. In most cases, for a satisfaction level, the survey uses emojis and taglines. So incorporate those. Then also the appearance of open-ended questions, etc needs to be considered.

Limit the survey period

Don’t make it boring for the respondent. Be short with the questions and number of questions so that the survey will be done in under a minute. Of course, end with a thanks note.

Use your survey findings

It is important to use the findings in action. With this, the survey is a good use of time for your and your customers. Whether the data type is quantitative or quantitative.

Make it work. Ask your team to analyze those very precisely and set out the results. Afterward, look over the data and maneuver your next customer engagement in that way. You will be fine.

Let’s Make The Best Survey

So, now that you have plenty of knowledge of how to make an effective customer satisfaction survey for a website, you will make the one for you.

Set your goals regularly and then follow up with that. Also, see through what types of surveys your peer businesses are doing and which has the best satisfaction survey.

Last but not least, build a business team that knows how to connect with the customers, make them respond, analyze the results. It’s the best way to make your business bridge with customers.

So, never neglect the short details of your survey design. Make a sound customer satisfaction survey for more customer engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are customer satisfaction surveys?

Customer satisfaction surveys are highly effective tools for measuring customer perceptions and experiences with a product, service, or brand. They help businesses understand customer needs, preferences, and pain points, enabling them to improve their offerings and customer service. Their effectiveness largely depends on the survey design, the relevance of questions, response rates, and how the feedback is used for improvements.

Why is it important to create a customer satisfaction survey?

Creating a customer satisfaction survey is important because it allows businesses to gather direct feedback from customers. This feedback is crucial for understanding customer satisfaction levels, identifying areas for improvement, and enhancing customer loyalty. Surveys can also help predict market trends, improve customer retention, and guide strategic decisions.

What are the best customer satisfaction survey questions?

The best customer satisfaction survey questions are clear, concise, and relevant to the customer’s experience. Examples include:

How satisfied are you with our product/service?
How likely are you to recommend our product/service to others?
What did you like most about your experience?
What can we improve on?
How well did our product/service meet your expectations?

What are the 5 Ps of customer satisfaction?

Product (quality and variety)
Price (fairness and value)
Place (convenience of purchasing or accessing the service)
Promotion (communication and marketing effectiveness)
People (customer service and interaction)

What are the 5 basic levels of customer satisfaction?

The 5 basic levels of customer satisfaction typically include:

Dissatisfaction: when a product/service fails to meet customer expectations.
Satisfactory: when expectations are just met.
Good: when expectations are slightly exceeded.
Very Good: when the product/service significantly exceeds expectations.
Excellent: when the product/service far exceeds expectations, often leading to customer loyalty.

What is the main purpose of a survey?

The main purpose of a survey is to collect data and insights from a specific group of people to understand their opinions, behaviors, or characteristics. Surveys are used in various fields, including market research, social sciences, health studies, and customer feedback, to inform decision-making and strategy development.

What are the components of a customer satisfaction survey?

The components of a customer satisfaction survey typically include:

Introduction: Explaining the purpose and importance of the survey.
Questions: A mix of open-ended and closed-ended questions relevant to customer experience.
Rating scales: Likert scales or numerical ratings for quantifying satisfaction.
Demographic questions: Optional, to understand the customer base better.
Thank you note: Appreciating participants for their time and feedback.

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