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Now websites are for more than just informing your visitors with content or just selling the products. Your website can do more! Any website can raise funds for charity, NGOs, and other noble purposes.

When you have an interactive website with lots of viewers, you can hit more funds in a row. A more detailed and exact goal, donation plugins, and easy payments lead you to a successful donation campaign!

There are many ways to boost your online donations. But day by day, people are leaning towards online donations. The online donation rate increased by 19% in 2023 compared to last year. Again, in the pandemic year- 2020, online donations increased by 20% from the past years.

Are you in the mood to learn more about website donations and what are the right WP plugins for you? Let’s take you through the 10 best WP donation plugins and exciting facts!

What is a WordPress Donation Plugin?

This WP plugin is installed in your WP site and instantly collects valuable fund support from visitors. You need to look for a plugin that simply matches your website content and enables visitors to put their money safely.

They should be aware of where their money is flowing. The WordPress plugin is not only useful for website owners to meet their goals. But even the users must feel safe and easy to submit the money.

Non-profit organizations benefit from donation plugins. They can raise a handsome amount from the donation. Just by adding a Donation button to your WP site, you can get started. This Call to Action(CTA) will take the visitors to another page and within a few seconds the donation will be done.

Unlike the other WP plugins, the donation plugin has more functionality and features. You don’t have to go for a third-party tool and buy it. Instead, use the donation plugins in your WP website.

What to Look For in a WordPress Donation Plugin?

You have to make the right choices to raise funds. And that requires a complete and multi-feature plugin. It should serve the purpose and bring a win for your website. So, note down the below features that you should look for in a WP donation plugin:

  • There should be enough themes to pick and customize according to your website outlook.
  • The plugins should be all-device friendly. Must fit both in mobile and desktop.
  • The plugin must support different payment systems for a better user experience.
  • After payment, the donor must receive a payment receipt.
  • There must be some system for recurring payments. Because donors can donate multiple times.
  • There must be a timely report on your donation activity. If you are reaching the goal.
  • The donation form must be easy to understand and fill out.

How do you hit your goals with a WordPress donation plugin?

To achieve something, you must prioritize the goals. If you don’t have goals, it’s like driving without a destination. So, there are a couple of techniques as well to achieve your goals behind the donations.

Of course, the WP plugins will assist you. But you must make your math as well and then carry it out along with plugin installation. Some analysis shows that…

  • A powerful receipt: The donation receipt must visualize the problem. The information should be evident to attract donors. Serious and immediate issues are always likely to hit the goals.
  • Defining the victim: Let the donors see who the victims are and how their support will help them. It is seen that a single issue/victim is preferable to a multi-victims.
  • Driven by other donations: In your donation page, you must include who is donating, and how it’s achieving the target of donations. By this, the other visitors will also start donating. It’s sort of a human instinct.
  • Pique the donor interest: Donors are more likely to pay the even amount rather than the odd amount. An odd number piques the donor and they start thinking much. And finally, they hit for an even amount. As a result, the donor number is increased and a fixed amount starts to come in.
  • Monitoring the donors: People love it when they are observed and appreciated. It results in recurring payments. Donors stay motivated.
  • Tagging tax deductibility: Tax deductibility can help in more fundraising. An exciting tax deduction for the donors- like donating 5$ deduct fees percent from their tax. It is also beneficial for the donors.

So, these are the things that you can go for to gain more funds and increase your website visibility in one thread!

What makes a good Donation Page?

When people now prefer to donate online, nonprofit organizations also have to put some special efforts into the donation pages. It is just a matter of time before donors change their minds. And you get zero funding from them. So some tested tips help you to build trust, acknowledge the donors, and get funds.

Level your visual consistency: Try to match your website content and donation page. Bring customization, and donation options according to your website goal. Display the Secure Socket Layer( SSL) certificate and the Logo of your brand to achieve more authenticity.

Don’t stick to one amount: Provide the different donation amounts for your users and make them comfortable. Let them know how different donation amounts will be allocated.

Add-ons: You must have a plugin that supports the other online activities. Like adding a fundraising event to your page, adding online stores, and different funding programs. It will help to get more and more audience and givers.

Go for all-device friendliness and designs: The donation page layout should be supported on all devices- mobile and web. Apart from that, the designs are also mandatory. Make a design that optimizes the accessibility of your donation page.

Easy with a Content Management System: Make your donation pages rather than going to a third party. Create live editable, non-profit design-oriented donation pages. CMS like WordPress offers wonderful plugins to make your donation more lightweight and powerful at the same time.

What You’ll Need to Accept Donations Through Your Site?

Okay, now it is time to reveal the things that you need to check to raise your donation. In an analysis, it was found that 54% of people now prefer online giving. So as a website owner, look carefully at the below factors to accept donations.

High-quality hosting: A non-profit website needs speedy, secure hosting. Check on the different plans, and support systems of the hosting company so that you can expect a fast website. It is seen that 41% of CEOs of non-profit organizations are not using the website as their business tool. It’s because the non-profit companies do not find the right hosting to deliver their complex needs to gather donations.

WordPress: Choose WP to build your website. No doubt WordPress is one of the best and easiest options to go for. No code, just drag and drop, amazing features, support, plugins, add-ons, and continuous updates make it a timely CMS for the website. Also, the WP offers non-profit website designs with donation plugins to optimize the best donation deals.

Perfect theme for a donation page: There is a saying that what looks good can get more attention. The same goes for the donation site theme. The theme should be not too tacky, and on-point, and visualize the brand’s authenticity. Match the theme with the main company’s site. Use the different color donation button- donate today, send your gift. Then different donation amounts to attract donors.

All Round Donation Plugin: The donation plugin that will support all the amazing features- from asking your donors to recurring donations, monitoring the donors, etc.

Payment Gateway: PayPal, Stripe, Go Cardless, etc are nowadays wonderful payment options. Multiple payment gateways help you to find a better audience platform and increase your channels. It also increases the security check. A secured transaction and the payment receipt should be available for the donors.

Compare and Know

Name Active Installations Price Free Version Availability Rating
GiveWP 100,000+ 149$/year. Yes 4.7
WP Crowdfunding 1,000+ Individual 149$/year.
Freelancer 199$/year.
Agencies 299$/year.
Yes 4.5
Donation Form 10,000+ 99$/year. Yes 4.9
YITH donation for Woocommerce 4,000+ $79.99/year. NO 4.5
DonorBox 10,000+ $139/month. Yes 4.8
WP Simple Pay 14,000+ Personal 49.50$/year.
Plus 99$/year.
Professional 199$/year.
Elite 299$/year.
Yes 4.8
Buy Me a Coffee 6,000+ N/A Yes 4.0
Seamless Donation 6,000+ 19.95$/year. Yes 4.1
Donation Thermometer 2,000+ N/A Yes 4.4
Donation Platform for WooCommerce 2,000+ N/A Yes 5

10 Best WordPress Donation Plugin



It’s one of the most popular and complete WP donation plugins. Users love it because it’s simple and easy to install. GiveWP is always updating to be the best WP plugin. It is available in 22 languages. Best plugin for Divi users. Why choose GiveWP?

  • Easy Manifestation: You can make the donation forms or the donation button by simply installing them.
  • Fundraising reports and donor management: The report and monitoring of the plugin allow you to adopt different strategies to increase your donation rate.
  • Both Free and Premium: All the advanced features are available in the free version as well. For example, the donor dashboard is in the free version. However, donor annual receipts are available in the PRO version.
  • Customizable donation form: You can customize it with different themes and colors, inspired by Gutenberg forms. Put the form anywhere on the website, live customization, and also allow the donors to put a custom donation amount.
  • Various payment Gateway: PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, Offline donation, Testgateway, and many more.
  • Premium Add-on Features: Peer-to-Peer fundraising, Text-to Give, Fee-recovery, Form field manager, tributes, fund and designations, etc.
  • Great Support: Website owners can continue to get help from the GiveWP team. It is best for video support.
  • Multiple advantages: Manage payments and fund-raising reports, donors can see their payments, PDF receipts, and tax-deductible receipts.

WP Crowdfunding

the meum

An integrated crowdfunding platform. The campaign owner, website admin, and backer- all receive a better User Experience (UX) with the WP crowdfunding plugin.

It was developed by the Themeum. This WP plugin is based on Woocommerce crowdfunding. Why choose WP crowdfunding?

  • Ultimate Crowdfunding plugin: You can take the help of documentation to begin with the fundraising. Make your site visible to raise funds for noble purposes/issues. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. And GDPR compliant
  • Based on the WooCommerce site: It allows the woocommerce backed wallet system, to help you to build a site like Kickstar.
  • Emerging systems: Has a native wallet, project update options, money management system, and so on.
  •  Exciting Free deals: In the free version, you can get- featuring images and videos, user registration, project start, and end date, and the goal of the fundraising and social sharing.
  • Premium Add-ons: In-depth analytical reports, Stripe Connect, ReCaptcha, email notifications, distributing all funds, Paypal, Stripe.
  • Live Preview and Technical Support: You can ask for support anytime and anywhere to fix the issues with your crowdfunding site.
  • Freelancer package: This package has the best value as a WP crowdfunding paid option. Offers all addons and five site licenses with many more.

Donation Forms by Charitable

donation forms

Another quick and easy donation solution for your site. It offers a seamless donation form and campaign event experience. You can create tons of customizable forms for different purposes and easy to match with your site content.

There are almost 100+ happy users who have put a five-star to this plugin. Supports 14 languages. Why choose Charitable donation forms?

  • Simple and effective: This WP donation plugin is painless to create donation forms and campaigns but comes with bounty features to make it an effective one.
  • Tailoring campaigns to meet the goals: Include the geo-location, campaigns end within a set time, customizable forms, PayPal and Stripe donation forms, and donors can send customized amounts.
  • Email Integration and Reporting: Emails let you know when the campaign is finished, and personalized emails to donors, donation receipts, and emails are helpful for donors who send offline payments. Monitor the donation dashboard and export the report as a CSV file.
  • PRO-features: The charitable forms can align with the Zaiper and Zoho automation platforms, email marketing and newsletter, and Premium payment gateways-, GoCardless, Braintree, recurring donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, etc.
  • Excellent Support system: The administrator can seek help anytime and Charitable tries to fix the issues as early as possible.

YITH Donations for WooCommerce

yith donation

Another donation plugin to mobilize your online store. You can add the widget in a short code or your e-commerce product page to have a successful donation from your customers.

With this plugin, you can raise funds for different social situations. It is seen that the free product from your online store raises more funds, and 98% of users are satisfied. Why go for YITH?

  • Easy solution with multi-functionality: Tweak your e-commerce site with some fundraising activities. Easy to install in WP sites, and WooCommerce site, and support third-party themes like DIVI.
  • Compatible with your e-commerce site: You can add the donation to any product page, different types of forms, or add a form to a cart, so place your donation form anywhere you think it is best. You can add the form to the shop page with a single shortcode.
  • Play with amount: With this plugin add a minimum and maximum amount, let your donors see the pre-set amount, and donors can also showcase the overall donation with the YITH Summary Widget.
  • Translation tool available: The plugin is WPML compatible and easily translates the plugin option.
  • Available payment options: Donate with PayPal, Direct Bank, or cheque payment.
  • Customizing Email: Start to impress your donors by sending them personalized emails! You can add on the YITH WooCommerce email templates. Get the other YITH plugins installed as well.



Are you new and planning to install a donation plugin for your site? Then Donorbox is here to assist you. Begin with their easy-build forms and start raising funds.

So many users from different countries rely on this to gain donations for industry, research, universities, etc. It is a SAAS fundraising platform and easily integrates with the WP and other CMS platforms. Okay, why hit Donorbox?

  • Embed the customizable forms: Easy to make your best donation form in under a few minutes- Add color, popup donation form, and brand logo of the campaign, and enable the customizable amounts for donors, customized donation forms can also detect different locations.
  • Donation Management Tool: You can find the amazing donation dashboard, receipt, export to CSV, record of the campaigns and offline donations, etc on the back-end operation.
  • Secure Donation: This plugin is PCI compliant and does not share the donor’s information with a third party.
  • Integration of other plugins: You can add some optional plugins. Like Employer Gift matching, Mailchimp, and SalesForce NPSP 3 integration.
  • Payment option: PayPal and Stripe integration. Other integrations like Google Pay, direct bank transfer, etc. You can raise up to 1000$ without any charges but more than this amount requires a 1.5% charge to the payment gateway.

WP Simple Pay

wp simple pay

A stripe-payment supporting WP plugin. Without any codes, just get ready to build the donation form. It is best for non-technics and the configuration is easy to set up and affordable. So, why go with this plugin?

  • Easy access: For big campaigns or small ones, website owners can effortlessly get their payments and subscriptions with this plugin. So, it is developer-friendly. Best for one-time or recurring donations.
  • Directly support stripe: It has secure transactions and enables the different currencies. This is best for companies with large marketplaces. Support the PCI-compliant Stripe and all debit and credit cards.
  • Design the donation forms: Add dedicated, customizable landing pages without adding a new page to the WP site.
  • Give offers to Donors: This plugin lets the donors pay in an installment system without any interest. This system uses ClearPay, AfterPay, or Klarna.
  • Recurring Payments: For a non-profit organization, recurring payment is always useful. In WP simple pay, you can set the automated subscription. With this, owners don’t need to seek payments time and again. The donation is done automatically with a subscription. Easy and frequent.
  • Customer Support: Stuck with something? This plugin offers an excellent support system. Provide the best service for a great investment.

All you need is a self-hosted WP site and a Stripe account for billing.

Buy Me a Coffee

buy me a coffee

Turn your followers into your supporters. Now with the content, posts, blogs, or videos you make, you can raise funds. You can place the button/widget anywhere on your site and get ready.

It’s a nice way to ask for support and give donors the chance to explore. Almost 20,000+ creators use this. Why put Buy Me a Coffee( BMC) on your page?

  •  Super-Simple: You need to install this plugin and then insert the “Buy me a Coffee” button/widget into your site. Rather than asking for donation support, you can ask your customers to buy you a coffee. It is best for simplest setup.
  • Landing pages: By clicking on your BMC widget, the users make the payments directly on the site and buttons take them to another page and sell extra, letting the audience become your member on a yearly/ monthly basis.
  • Incredible Payment System: You can get a donation for your site instantly. No specific amount to reach. Get paid on Stripe or a bank account via your audience payment on Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other major credits.
  • Put Paywall in the post: You can upload your special content, and posts for the paid members. So, the contents are not easy to access and protected. Also, you can send the posts to members in their mail.

Small companies/individuals love to use the BMC plugin.

Seamless Donations

seamless donations

If you are looking for a cheap solution yet effective then the Seamless donation plugin is for you. It has amazing free features and pro features to offer.

This free plugin has a lot to offer but doesn’t count a charge on your. Why choose a seamless donation plugin?

  • Basic donation platform: It is simply installed and sees if your WP website has the Stripe and PayPal account to receive the donation. Allow the automatic donation with a single click. This feature is free for Stripe and PayPal accounts. It provides you with free recurring donations.
  • Tribute and Gift Aid: This premium free feature lets the company gather donations for an honorable person/ in memory of. Then specify the donors and the honorable person when the donation is made. Also, gift cards for UK people are automatically inserted.
  • Seamless donation forms: There are almost 35+ aesthetic donation forms to grab your donors. You can make them on your own. These forms are all-device responsive.
  • Monitoring donors and currency-friendly: You can monitor donors and their donations. It accepts around 26 currencies. Most supported currencies.

So, Seamless is a wonderful tool to proceed with your individual content and get donations readily!

Donation Thermometer

donation thermometer

Thermometers are only used to measure the temperature. Not really. The WP Donation thermometer plugin enables the visual representation of the fundraising- a resemblance of a thermometer. So the donation amounts are the temperatures here. Why pick this plugin?

  • Free and easy to install: Small campaigns or companies can choose this free plugin, easy to maintain and get donations regularly.
  • Simple shortcodes: You want to know how much a donation raised? Type a shortcode and get the visual classic-style thermometer. And measure the funds. Monitor the raised and targeted value. It is the best visual donation plugin.
  • More shortcode functionality: There are optional and additional shortcodes that allow you to customize the thermometer and features of this plugin. Come up with colors, size of the thermometer, sidebar appearance, and many more.
  • Make thermometers and updates: This plugin has auto-update features. Also, you can make as many thermometers as you want.
  • Excellent Support Forum: You have the option to ask for help at any time from the panel and get a response.

Donation Platform for WooCommerce

donation platform for woocommerce

The last hit for you is the Donation platform for WooCommerce. It is a free plugin and best for donation through WooCommerce. Discover the best plugin to turn your Woocommerce site into a fundraising campaign. Why choose this?

  • Developer-Friendly: Customize your donation platform easily with a woocommerce developer, 5 different donation forms, pop-up forms, mobile donations, etc.
  • Easy Donation and Payment Gateways: There are 100+ payment gateways, recurring donations, and support Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Use any currency.  So, it is best for payment gateways.
  • Full-package: It is GDPR compliant, and keeps donors’ information private. Also, the owner has full control over the donation data not subjected to third-party tools.
  • Donation and More: The donors can open an account and donate there, the owners have a donation dashboard, use the data for analytics, and create integrated evaluations. No platform fee or subscription.
  • More exciting features: It has webhooks, social proof fundraising, local payment options, offering Rest API. It provides One Block.
  • Benefited Users: This plugin is useful for individual purposes, charities, clubs, NGOs, Non-profit organizations, and others.

Final Thought

Now the search has come to its end. The donors love to pay online, there are different donation plugins so you have to make the perfect combination to raise your funds in any way.

With simple steps and tips, you can make a remarkable change to your site. Now your websites can be used for donations as well.

The above WP donation plugins have got totally different features and ways of collecting donations. But to raise funds you need to make sure you have a speedy website that will make your donation plugin successful.

A bit late can lead to penny loss. Moreover, go through the successful campaign stories to make your one. The right choice, support, and community can make a difference. Target, prioritise the donors, protect their data, and receive more support!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best free Donation Plugins for WordPress?

The GiveWP is the best free donation plugin. It has a premium plan but the free version also covers most of the features.

How can I improve my donation website?

Make your donation successful with brand consistency. The donation should align with the website content. Make the donation forms user-friendly.

How can I increase my website donations?

Increase the donations through both online and offline fundraising, update the website, unique forms, and social media promotion.

Can WooCommerce be used for donations?

Yes. It is a broad channel to raise funds, donations for non-profit organizations, and many more.

How do I start a donation page?

Make goals, start with a fundraiser title, an insightful story, add on images and videos, share your fundraisers to get more donations, and give thank you to the supporters.

Which WordPress donation plugin has PayPal integration?

PayPal donation has the PayPal integration. And allows the donation through PayPal.

Which WordPress plugin has recurring donation features?

WP Simple Pay is one of the best WP donation plugins for both one-time and recurring donations.

Are WordPress donation plugins compatible with all themes?

Most of the WP donation plugins are compatible with large-scale themes and extensions.

How do donation plugins handle transaction fees and payment gateway?

The plugins have different payment gateways for secure payment and transaction fees are required when you receive the donation.

How do WordPress donation plugins ensure the security of donor information?

Most of the plugins are GDPR compliant and it encrypts the donor information.

Which donation plugins will be best for multiple donation campaigns at once?

The GiveWP plugin is the most popular one with 10000+ installations and it is best for multi-donation campaigns at once.

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