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Your website carries a lot of information. Depending on the purpose, the information can be about anything! It can be tons of products/services or anything that hits your website.

So, reading the content of a website should be an easy task for the users. And yes, here the table of content (TOC) assists the reader to find what they are looking for.

A well-structured, detailed, SEO table of content makes the readers happy. If you have long-tail content, readers can easily move from one section to another through the table of contents headings.

A table of contents improves the user’s reading experience indeed. Let’s jump into the details about the 10 best WordPress table of contents plugins for your website. 

What is a WordPress Table of Content Plugin?

If you have a WordPress website, you might discover handy plugins that it offers to boost website performance. The table of contents plugin is similar to that.

With this plugin, you make sure your readers can navigate through the content and find the jump links of the important sections. Your posts and blogs are not boring anymore.

Moreover, a table of contents plugin not only organizes your lengthy content with useful headings but also triggers the search engines. The indexing helps to make the rich snippet results from your content.

So, the table of contents plugins serve you in vivid ways. The WP table of contents plugin is easy and editable.

The website owners can choose the plugins and walk through the customization. Simply, this plugin increases the reader user engagement and experience.

Why Use a Table Content Plugin in WordPress?

It’s simple math. WordPress is a no-code Content Management System (CMS), so the plugins of WP are also easy to adapt. The power of WP in website building is ever-growing.

Almost 810 million websites use WordPress to date. And the share of which on the internet is nearly 43%. It makes your business easier. The WP plugins are user-friendly and time-saving.

You can simply add this plugin without any code. You readers won’t be scrolling! They can jump from one to another page/section with the anchor links.

Both the riders and owners of the website can enjoy the happy deals with a WP table of contents plugin.

How to Create a Table of Contents in WordPress Manually?

Not necessarily, it always has to be a plugin. You can also create a table of contents for your WP plugin. But here, the knowledge of codes is a vital one.

Also, the manual creation needs a long breath! There are a few steps that you need to follow, and get your table of contents right away. These are:

Step 1: Add/edit the HTML anchor

add or edit the html anchor

Here you need to go to the page/post, where you will be adding the TOC. Add the HTML anchors to your headings/sub-headings. Remember that the HTML anchors will not be different from the sub-headings. It would be inconvenient for you in the later process if your sub-headings and HTML links are quite different.  

Step 2: Create a Table of contents in a Block

create a table of contents in a block

Click on the Add-block option. And there, you need to make your TOC. You will write your sub-headings one by one which means the way you want to show them in the table of contents. Then your table of contents paragraph is ready. 

Step-3: Link the HTML anchors in the TOC block

link the html anchors in the toc block

In this step, simply add the sub-heading links that you created in the first step into the table of contents block that you created in the second step. Put hashtags (#) before you add the links into the headings. Give this step clear attention, so that you don’t miss out on the links. 

Of course, the preceding three steps have a lot of other underlying small steps. So creating the table of contents manually is not a piece of cake. You need to know your purpose and have coding knowledge at the same time.  

How Does Table of Contents Improve Reader Experience?

Your readers won’t feel bored and distracted with lots of information. No more misleads. Like a book has an index or table of contents at the beginning pages.

Your website should also have a table of contents at the side or at the top of your website pages. Websites can do A/B testing to know which place is the best for the table of contents.

Then the jump links in a TOC will make your website more exciting and useful. Also, the links help in SEO ranking.

When the readers click the links of your website, if the bot finds it useful it will upgrade your rank. Your website becomes more responsive in the Search Engine Result Pages( SERP).

Increase the click-through rates ( CTR)  and engage the readers with improved User experience( UX). So, the table of contents does a lot of good for your website.

  •  It makes your website organized.
  •  reader-friendly.
  • and yes SEO-friendly.

Comparison Table

Name Active Installations Price Free Version Availability  Rating
Easy Table of Contents 400,000+ Personal 1 Site $49.
Multiple 3 Site $69.
Webmaster 10 Site $79.
FreeLancer 25 Site $99.
Yes 4.4
Fixed TOC 2600+ 20$ regular license.
95$ Extended License.
No 4.6
Table of Contents Plus 300,000+ N/A Yes 4.5
Divi Table of Content Maker 600+ 15$ unlimited websites. No 4.9
Rich Table of Content 30,000+ N/A Yes 4.1
Simple TOC 10,000+ N/A Yes 5
Table of Content Block 8,000+ N/A Yes 4.5
Joli Table of Contents 4,000+ Solo 1 site $39
Guru 5 sites $69
Hero 15 sites $139
Yes 5
TOP Table of Contents
Basic 1 site $19
Standard 3 sites $29
Enterprise 10 sites $49
Yes 4.4
GutenTOC 1000+ N/A Yes 4.6

Our Picks of Best WordPress Table of Contents Plugins

Now you are well-set about the table of contents, and its benefits. Let’s explore the best WP table content plugins available for you to choose from. 

Easy Table of Contents

easy table of contents

A supporting, automated table of contents plugin is here for you. With no codes, you can insert this TOC. There are many customization options that make it a favorite one. 

Key Features

  • Available in 17 languages
  • The most important heading is over the least important one. You can choose it
  • Easy TOC is available in Gutenberg, Classic Editors, Divi, Pages Builders, and others. It supports GitHub.
  • Easy enable and disable option. You can choose according to your post. Got supporting Widget
  • It supports the next page tag and Rank Match plugin., smooth scrolling
  • You can customize when to insert the TOC and where. 

Why use the Easy Table of Contents?

  • User-freindly 
  • Create TOC without any edit of the HTML codes

Fixed TOC

fixed toc

Unlike the name of this plugin, the TOC of this plugin is fixed in the pages. That allows the user to easily move from one to another section. It is popular because it’s flexible to use, and has different design qualities. People love it for the code qualities and customizations. 

Key features

  • Fixed in the sidebars and smart display, smooth scrolling, the headlinks are highlighted while scrolling. 
  • You can see the live customization of your table of contents and easily expand or collapse the list. 
  • This automated TOC in any post/content is responsive to any device or different screen size.
  • Supports the “next page ” tag, editors- Divi, page builders, other WP plugin-AMP plugin, easy translate available
  • You can choose the individual TOC option for different pages. No compromise in color, font, size, and position of the TOC.

Why choose Fixed TOC?

  • Fixed in Display 
  • Heading Scanning
  • User-friendly

Table of Contents Plus

table of contents plus

This plugin follows the rules of Wikipedia and by default, the TOC appears in the first heading of a page. It indexes according to the context or long posts/pages. Automatically creates it for the specific context. 

Key Features

  • Not only does it offer a TOC, but it also comes with a site map that lists the pages of the complete website. 
  • It has a different numbering style for the content, using shortcodes to exclude the TOC from different pages.
  • Exclude unwanted heading h5 and h6 from the table. And decide the position of your Table. Custom post types are always supported. 
  • Supports the CMS configurations. It allows the bloggers while writing to monitor how Google uses the index to create the jump links. 
  • Available in 24 languages. However, after updates, the plugin can be less responsive and non-supporting.

Why Choose Table of Contents Plus?

  • Shortcodes for full control
  • Producing sitemaps

Divi Table of Contents Maker

divi table of contents maker

The plugin from Elegant Themes is actually something really elegant. You can get hundreds of designs, and customization options along with the usage documentation and support from this TOC plugin.  It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee option for its new users. 

Key Features

  • SEO friendly… Bloggers can easily boost their posts’ SEO with the Ranker Math option. 
  • Excellent customization…. With the customization texts, links, markers, and prefixes, including H1 to H6
  • Supports smooth and speedy scrolling and offers vertical offset,  conditional hiding, and design settings.
  • With CSS class, you can exclude any section from the table. There is always Divi Theme Builder support.
  • You need to have a plugin that incorporates the Divi plugins. No coding knowledge is required. Just follow the documentation.

Why choose Divi?

  • SEO-friendly 
  • Loads of customization in TOC
  • Refund policy

Rich Table of Contents

rich table of contents

A simple, ready-to-use TOC plugin. You just need to install the plugin on your website and create the TOC by default options or use the shortcodes to land with the perfect TOC of your preferences. 

Key Features

  • The Live preview option in RTOC allows the admin to configure how the audience will see the TOC and edit anyway according to that. Support two languages.
  • Easy installation and automatically created. You can decide the heading of your TOC, and decide fonts. 
  • Then also the display settings. H2, H3, H4 to display. There are advanced color settings where you can choose the text, title, h2 list, and h3 list color.
  • In the advanced setting, get the button to return to the TOC. This is only for mobile devices, excluding the CSS plugin.
  •  Display the TOC by passing the shortcodes on any pages/blogs.

Why choose Rich Table of Contents?

  • Easy to use 
  • Have default and advanced settings
  • Ready to help the users’



An open-source TOC plugin designed for the Gutenberg page editor. You don’t need to give extra effort to add this plugin to your pages/posts.  It supports 17 languages. 

Key Features

  • Add the TOC block without any configuration. It doesn’t require any CSS until you prefer to use it.
  • Developed on GitHub Pages and have the Gutenburgs native styling themes and options. You can add the background colors and text colors.
  • It has the Rank Math and Press option, smooth scrolling, and also synchronizes with the AMP plugin.
  • Full control of administrators- customize the lists, HTML links, and bullet, disable the H2, and create your own, 
  • Limit the maximum depth of the heading, select headings/paragraphs, and block for full width.

Why choose Simple TOC?

  • Simple and best block-based TOC
  • Lightweight, well-maintained plugin
  • Good support. 

Table of Contents Block

table of contents block

Here comes another block-based TOC. Enables users to start with a super easy installation process and ends with lots of customization on the Gutenberg page editor.

Key features 

  • Easy installation- Just write TOC block and the plugin will be simply added to your WP website.
  • A lightweight plugin that doesn’t require extra resources or codes to activate
  • 22+ free blocks for the Essential Blocks Gutenberg editors 
  • Flexible to add and offset the heading tags from your TOC 
  • Super supportive and Try to configure issues/updates quickly

Why choose Table Of Contents Block?

  • Best for the Gutenberg editors
  • Easy access and support

Joli Table of Contents

joli table of contents

An advanced level TOC plugin is here. It has both auto-insert and manual insert features. The TOC will be automatically inserted with Post ID, Post type, and position. On the other hand, the manual insert with shortcodes/ content block. 

Key Features

  • The block allows editing or hiding the specific headings, Joli has both CSS and Java to boost the performance speed. 
  • Detects the headings behind the third-party shortcodes.
  • Customizing pads, bars, margins, Toggle button, texts, themes, smooth scrolling, Import-export available
  • Has the hierarchical or flat view option, All devices are responsive. 
  • Most amazing is the SEO-friendly headings for the website, Google, and visitors.
  • Great support system and developer-friendly 

Why choose Joli Table of Contents?

  • SEO-friendly
  • Developer-friendly 
  • Different settings for different posts available in PRO version

TOP Table of Contents

top table of contents

Does your website have lots of content? Then TOP TOC is for you. It automatically inserts the best TOC in your posts/pages so that readers can navigate your website contents easily. One of the Top contributor is BoomDev 

Key Features

  • SEO-friendly codes help your website to rank in Google. TOC is all device responsive. 
  • There are three unique ready-made templates and customizations of fonts, colors, shadow options. Toggle hide/show option, smooth scrolling
  • Support the page builders-  Gutenberg, Beaver and Elemantor; Compatible with AMP, Rank Math and all other SEO plugins.
  • In the PRO version- there are more ready made templates, live preview customization, sticky special TOC option, heading navigation, Sub-heading toggle options.

Why choose TOP Table of Contents?

  • Auto and Mnaual insert, privacy policy
  • SEO-Friendly, colorful customization, ready made templates
  • Single-shortcode to insert the the TOC



Another Block editor TOC plugin. It’s new but functions well to make  your website visible in the Search Engine Result Page( SERP).

Key Features

  • Integrates the customizable Gutenberg block editors. SEO-friendly TOC
  • Automatically insert the TOC, producing the anchors.
  • You can change the Toggle, smooth scrolling
  • Don’t slow down your website. No load 
  • Great support team

Why choose the GutenTOC?

  • SEO-friendly
  • Support system
  • Free for all.

Final Thought

Websites and their contents are for users and the rating of a website increases if the users pay head to the content… Well, with a Table of Contents, your website grabs more attention, and clicks of the visitors.

It is always better to start using a TOC block. TOC increases your rank in search engine result pages.  So, discover the best WP plugin for your website and start editing today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free Table of Contents Plugin for WordPress?

Easy Table of Contents is the best free TOC plugin. It is user-friendly and automatically inserts the TOC into your posts/blogs. Easy configuration. It is the right pick for the classic editor users.

What is the difference between a table of contents and an index?

Index is the alphabetical arrangement of the items/keywords including their page numbers in a website/book. On the other hand, TOC is the systematic arrangement of the items/contents sometimes according to the preferences.

How do I add a table of contents using a WordPress plugin?

Install and activate the plugin, then from the WP dashboard search Table of Contents, Auto insert the TOC with selected post types, then customize and save changes. Your TOC will be displayed.

Does WordPress have a table of contents?

Yes, there are free and paid WP TOC plugins for the websites. It increases the SEO ranking and User experience (UX).

What is the easiest WordPress table of content plugin to use?

Divi Table of Contents is the easy one to create a unique TOC. Without any knowledge of the CSS and HTML code, one can create the smooth scrolling anchor links, easy styling, and live previews.

What is the best-floating table of contents plugin?

Joli Table of Contents is the best floating TOC plugin. It provides the best reader interaction. Because the TOC is visible to the readers and they can jump from one to another easily even if they are scrolling down or up.

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