Do all hosting support WordPress? The answer is yes, though there is a ‘BUT’ when it comes to quality and hosting optimization for WordPress.

Hosting providers develop their services specially for WordPress websites. Using these hosting you will get an optimized, faster, reliable, and secure user experience. Regula hosting may not be compatiable with WordPresss themes and plugins. But with WordPress hosting services you will not face these issues. So, if you are having a WordPress website, switch to WordPress hosting ASAP for optimal performance. 

But which WordPress hosting offers the best facilities? To help you out in choosing the best option, we bought the top ten WordPress hosting providing services. So, stay with us to pick the best WordPress hosting for your website! 

What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is specialized forms of hosting that are designed specifically for WordPress. All hosting doesn’t show equal performance for WordPress. This eventually impacts the security and overall user experience of your WordPress site. But with WordPress hosting, you won’t face these issues!

As we says previously hosting provider develop their servers targeting maximum optimization of WordPress. This ensures fast loading time and smooth WordPress site performance.

These hostings come with inbuilt WordPress-friendly features that provide better site security. Malware scanning, firewalls, regular updates, and automatic backups are all included in these hostings.

Many WordPress hostings include advanced features like automatic updates, scalability, and specialized support options. Besides, they ensure compatibility with the most popular WordPress plugins and themes. So, if you have a WordPress website, you must go for WordPress hosting rather than regular hosting options. 

Why You Can Trust WpHex Advice?

WpHex has been a prominent WordPress plugin development firm for decades, pioneering innovative solutions and delivering high-quality products. With our extensive experience in this industry we have achieved a deep-rooted understanding of WordPress and its optimization.

We know what adds value to your website. As developers, we have tested all types of hosting to ensure maximum performance. We have analyzed how different WordPress hosting reacts on updates or any other changes. As we work with the latest web development technologies, we know which hosting offers you better optimization facilities.  

So, from the year long experience that we have earned in this field, our expert team has listed 10 top notch WordPress hosting for you. Therefore, you will get 100% reliable and bias-free recommendation from WpHex. 

Characteristics of The Best WordPress Hosting Provider

When choosing any WordPress hosting, look for the following features to pick the best option-

  • Performance Optimization

The WordPress hosting should have an optimized configuration to support better WordPress performance. It should facilitate specialized caching mechanisms and content delivery networks (CDNs) for fast loading. 

  • High Uptime

High uptime is an essential feature to consider to make sure your website visitor gets access at any time. Look for WordPress hosting with 99.99% uptime or more to provide the best user experience. This will build reliability and consistency in service to the visitors. 

  • Better Security Features

Security is a major concern for any website. But with good WordPress hosting, you can remain carefree about common security risks. It includes malware scanning, firewalls, and automatic security updates to protect your site from potential threats. Besides you can also use WordPress security plugins for better security aspects; WordPress hosting is compatible with these plugins.

  • WordPress Specific Support

A good WordPress hosting offers you guidelines from a support team. You can consult these WordPress experts if you face any issues while operating your site. They will help you troubleshoot WordPress-specific issues. Besides, you will also get guidance on best practices for managing your site.

  • WordPress Theme and Plugin Compatibility

In a generic hosting environment, you may often face compatibility issues when using WordPress themes and plugins. But by using good WordPress hostings, these issues won’t be a headache. They are compatible with the most popular WordPress themes and plugins for maximum flexibility.  

  • Automatic Update & Backup

Regularly updating the WordPress version, themes, and plugins are essential to keep the website performance optimized. For this, look for auto-update features in WordPress hosting. This feature keeps your WordPress elements up to date, saving you from any major security threats. Besides, the backup feature is another factor to consider. This will ensure all your data is safe and secured. However, you can still use WordPress backup plugins for best results. 

  • Other Features

Besides the features mentioned above, there are some more facts to consider for finding the best WordPress hosting for your website. These include- 

  • Caching optimization for fast page loading 
  • Scalability 
  • Staging environments for testing changes, updates, and new features
  • User friendly
  • Better ratings and reviews 
  • Money back guarantee for reliability 

WordPress Hosting Provider Comparison Table

Name Starting Price Storage Bandwidth Our Recommendation
SiteGround $3.99/mo  10/20/40 GB  Unmetered  Best for Speed Optimization
DreamHost $2.59/mo  50GB/Unlimited  Unmetered  Best Dashboard
Bluehost $4.95/mo  10GB to 100GB  Unmetered  Best for Customer Support
Namecheap $6.88/mo   10GB to 100GB  Unmetered  Best Value
A2 Hosting $11.99/mo  50GB to Unlimited  Unmetered  Best for Security Promise
HostGator $5.95/mo  N/A Unmetered  Best for Simplicity
WP Engine $20/mo  10GB to 50GB 50GB/500GB Best for Risk-Free Guarantee
Hostinger $2.99/mo  100GB to 200GB Unlimited Best Overall
Kinsta $24/mo  10GB to 250GB 50GB Best for Migration
Godaddy $8.99/mo  5GB to 80GB Unmetered Best for Database Management

Top 10 WordPress Hosting Providers List



Want to have a 500% faster website running experience? Go for SiteGround, an ultrafast hosting for WordPress, Woocommerce, Cloud hosting, and more. They are among the fast companies that provide the latest speed technology to users. So, with SiteGround, your website will always remain up-to-date with the newest PHP versions or the most innovative protocols.

Why We Picked It? 

  • SiteGround has an ultrafast server setup thanks to its custom implementation of PHP and MySQL. Their PHP setup alone reduces the TTFB and speeds up your websites by 30% on average.
  • You will get top-notch security, speed, and reliability with SiteGround as it is built on premium Google cloud infrastructure. They make use of this fast network and SSD persistent storage for maximum site speed and redundancy.
  • With SiteGround hosting services, you will get all their optimizer plugins pre-installed. This provides you utmost environment control and media and front-end optimizations for better performance
  • You will get unique WordPress starter tools with SiteGround that automatically install your WordPress on your account. Besides this, there are many other automated features, including- auto backup and auto updates. 
  • No more hess stations on bringing changes on your website as SiteGround offers you staging facilities. It makes a copy of your website where you can live test the updates or changes.
  • All hosting plans of SiteGround feature free Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates. So, you will get the utmost security for your website. What is more impressive is that they preinstall the standard SSL on your site for your convenience.


  • Limited storage on entry-level
  • Renewal pricing is higher 



DreamHost is an excellent WordPress hosting service open for all categories of websites. Besides WordPress hosting, it offers website, dedicated, cloud, and VPS hosting services. If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting, DreamHost can provide you with more than what you think!

Why We Picked It? 

  • DreamHost brings to you an easy-to-use panel for quick admin access. This allows you to install WordPress in seconds. 
  • With this hosting you will get you a free ‘Let’s Encrypt’ SSL certificate, a DreamHost domain name, and a custom email address for your domain.
  • You will get 24/7 live chatting support with DreamHost. They have 100% in-house expert teams available all round the day at your service. 
  • DreamHost has automated core updates, and backup features. So, your website will always remain up-to-date with this hosting. 
  • This hosting comes with a built-in server level caching to increase the performance of your website. So, you will not require to add-on any paid caching plugins with it. 
  • You will get a 30-days refund policy with DreamHost. If you find any issues or don’t like their services you can claim for a refund within the first 30-days of your account opening. 
  •  No worries about security features with DreamHost; it covers Multi-Factor Authentication, auto-enabled sFTP, and free secure hosting with Let’s Encrypt. 
  • It has drop-and-drag website builders for your WordPress, saving you from coding hassles. Besides, you will also get beautiful WordPress themes with DreamHost. They further offer you web designing, site management, SEO marketing, and web development services too.


  • 1-click staging features are not available on low price plans 
  • Build-in caching feature is available only on premium plans 
  • No free domain offers 



Bluehost is the world’s leading open-source implementation and development solution. It is not just a hosting option for WordPress but much more than that. It brings you a complete package for optimizing your WordPress for a better user experience. Using this hosting, you will get a limitless library of themes and plugins compatible with WordPress. Besides, you can get a free domain name for a year.

Why We Picked It? 

  • Bluehost offers the Cloudflare CDN, which decreases loading time and improves website speed. This eventually leads to better customer service, enhanced SEO, increased traffic, and higher conversion rates.
  • The in-build server-level caching technology of Bluehost boosts the speed of your WordPress website. This improves the loading time of your website. 
  • You can earn customers’ reliability with the SSL certification of Bluehost. It offers you two types of SSL certificates- FREE SSL powered by Let’s Encrypt and Premium SSL powered by Comodo. 
  • The CodeGuard feature of Bluehost features an automatic backup solution with one-click restore option. So, you can keep all your activities safe. 
  • The SiteLock feature of Bluehost detects  malware and protects your site from costly downtime. Thus you can gerd your site against search engine blacklists,  malicious attacks, spammers, and hackers. 
  • Bluehost offers you 24/7 support; you can contact them via phone or live chat. 


  • High renewal price 
  • Continuous upsell pitches
  • Entry level doesn’t have backup features 



If you are looking for a premium hosting service at affordable pricing, Namecheap is your ultimate choice. Besides, it has a fully-containerized cloud platform; this means you will face no server failure issues while using this hosting.

With this hosting, you are getting an easy WordPress website creating and managing facilities too. And if you want to grow your business faster, no worries about its scalability; Namecheap can tackle the heaviest visitor storms.

Why We Picked It? 

  • It comes with a 30-day free trial option without any conditions! So, before spending your dollars, you can have a live experience to judge if it is worth purchasing.  
  • Namecheap comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. So, your server will be able to serve the customers continuously without any down issues. 
  • When it comes to speed, nothing can beat Namecheap. It provides three times faster performance than any traditional hosting.
  • Namecheap gives you an easy-to-use interface using which you can quickly write, publish and edit contents. You will also get thousands of WordPress themes and plugins to enhance the visual and performance of your website. 
  • You can manage the entire website from a single dashboard  with a single login. One-click backup and restore features are also essential features to mention here. 
  • The plans of Namecheap have an affordable pricing. So, if you are a beginner, this hosting will be best for you. Besides, it offers seamless scalability. Doesn’t matter how fast you grow your business, you can keep going with Namecheap. 


  • Its data center is based in the U.S. and U.K. So, if you are from Asia, you will get a better option than Namecheap.
  • Renewal prices are higher which may not be favorable for beginners. 
  • Customer service is not much active compared to other hosting options. 

A2 Hosting

a2 hosting

A2 Hosting is another hosting service for WordPress that is optimized for speed. This hosting brings you a rock-solid security system for utmost protection. It automatically scans your website for vulnerabilities and ensures it is safe from threats. So, if you are looking for a fast, secure, and optimized hosting solution for WordPress, A2 Hosting is an ideal choice!

Why We Picked It? 

  • The lighting speed is the most promising feature of the A2 hosting service. It offers 20X faster speed for a better user experience. 
  • You will get all A2 Hosting plans pre-installed within the optimized hosting setup. This makes WordPress website management much more convenient. 
  • All your data will get backed up automatically daily. Besides, it has advanced security features for website protection. So, no worries about data storage and security with A2 hosting. 
  • What is more impressive about A2 hosting is that you get unlimited storage and data transfer facilities with 99.99% uptime. 
  • A2 Hosting further provides you with a free migration option. So, you can easily switch to A2 from your existing website. 
  • The expert team of A2 Hosting offers 24/7 customer service via live chat, phone calls, or support tickets. You can contact them any time if you need any kind of assistance.


  • Requires Swift or Turbo Hosting Plan for backups, which is available only on high-priced plans 
  • Expensive compared to other WordPress hosting options



HostGator has an easy-peasy solution for WordPress hosting. It comes with a simplified control panel for quick website management. Besides, this hosting will give you free migration and an advanced security system. So, if you are looking for a read-to-go WordPress hosting solution, go for HostGator. 

Why We Picked It? 

  • The CodeGuard feature of HostGator ensures daily backup of your website. This keeps your web files & databases secure. Besides, You are getting 1-click restore access on the backups.
  • HostGator has a SiteLock Fix feature that scans your website, downloads your site data, and screens it. Then it removes the malware and uploads a clean version of your website. 
  • You are getting a 30-day money-back guarantee with HostGator. If you are not happy with its performance, they will refund your hosting fee within this period. 
  • With this hosting, you need no worries about uptimes. It has 99.9% uptime, ensuring your website is available all time. 
  • It is an SSL-certified hosting service that shows a padlock in your website URL. So when customers visit your website, they can trust your security system. 
  • You will have unmetered bandwidth, free domain, and free email within the hosting plans. 
  • This supports multiple programming languages, including- PHP, Ruby On Rails, Perl, and Python.


  • Short-term plans are quite expensive
  • The uptime is lower than other competitors like DreamHost 

WP Engine


WP Engine brings you a fully managed WordPress hosting service. You will be amazed to know about their free SSL and platform-level protection that blocks 26B+ cyber attacks every year. Besides, this hosting will have many amazing features that ensure easy site management. 

Why We Picked It? 

  • WP Engine offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee policy. If you don’t find the hosting effective for your WordPress, you can claim a refund within this time. 
  • With this hosting solution, you will get many automated WordPress management features. This includes- auto-core updates, daily backups, auto-plugin updates, and more.
  • One-click staging is another worth-mentioning feature of WP Engine. This allows you to test the changes, updates, or any new feature in a separate environment before launching it on your original website. 
  • You will get continuous support from WordPress experts assigned by WP Engine. If you face any issues, contact them through live chats.
  • WP Engine is optimized for speed. It has 99.99% SLA with uptime protection for high-traffic sites. You will thank the hosting for its SEO optimizations and higher rankings. 
  • Besides WordPress hosting, WP Engine brings you a set of WordPress plugins. You will get plugins like WP Migrate, WP offline Media, and more that are specially built for WP Engine. It further includes 10 premium WordPress themes. 


  • No email hosting included
  • It no longer supports .htaccess
  • Expensive compared to its competitors  



Hostinger uses HTTP/3, IPv6, and LiteSpeed servers to provide fast web hosting services. It offers you a CloudLinux and LVE containerized environment and many other automated features.

They have unlimited free SSL certificates for added security. Besides, the starting price of the hosting is also very affordable. So, if you want a premium hosting service at an affordable price, Hostinger is an excellent choice for you. 

Why We Picked It? 

  • Hostinger gives you a LiteSpeed-powered server experience with its custom-built advanced WordPress optimization tools. Thus you are getting a complete package of WordPress management systems.
  • You don’t need to be a pro to use this hosting service. The easy user panel and intuitive interface allow you to launch your website in minutes.
  • They have data centers all around the world, so you will not face any problems with server location. Besides, their hPanel is localized in 15 different languages; no worries about language barriers. 
  • The premium and business hosting solutions of Hostinger come with an in-house developed WAF. This keeps your website safe from vulnerable or cyber attacks
  • You are getting full SSD servers and unlimited bandwidth with Hostinger. So, no worries about scalability.


  • No WordPress staging tool on single and premium plans; available only on business plan
  • The backup feature is not available on low-price plans 
  • You will not get priority support on single WordPress hosting plans  



Kinsta brings the most simplified SSL management support that secures your root domains with unlimited subdomains. Besides malware security pledge and enterprise-level firewall DDoS protection, it comes with site backups and auto updates features too.

So, no worries with your website security using Kinsta WordPress hosting services. It also has a built-in database management system that provides you with a powerful managed WordPress hosting experience. 

Why We Picked It? 

  • Kinsta provides extensive customer support. You can get connected to real WordPress experts and developers within 1 minute and 27 seconds. There is no ticket support system, instead, you will get a response in real time. 
  • This hosting service provides you with live testing features. This means you can have a free trial of live hosting before purchasing any plans. 
  • Kinsta is integrated with a free built-in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tool. With this tool, you can track the performance of your website and troubleshoot it with a click. So, you don’t need external paid services like New Relic for performance monitoring.
  • This hosting service has 35 data centers! You can select the location that fits you best to get the fastest service experience. What is more impressive is that all these locations offer Google’s best C2 machines. With this, you can see up to a 200% boost in Your website performance.
  • Kinsta comes with an HTTP/3-enabled CDN with 260+ POPs. This gives your website a global presence and unequaled speed. Besides, it has a one-click setup providing a user-friendly approach.
  • It maintains strict SFTP / SSH Protocols and has free Cloudflare integration with IP-based and firewall protection. So, you can get extensive active and passive security features with Kinsta. 


  • There is no unlimited storage feature in Kinsta
  • Some WordPress plugins are banned for Kinsta
  • Expensive compare to other hosting services



GoDaddy is another hosting service provider that offers managed WordPress hosting facilities. It includes startup support and pre-built features for beginners. Besides, you can get access to thousands of free plugins and themes with GoDaddy.

Why We Picked It? 

  • GoDaddy offers you staging site features. That is before implementing any changes or updates to your website you can test it in a separate environment. 
  • It has Automatic WordPress core software that gives you up-to-date server facilities. Besides, you will get regular security updates for better protection. 
  • GoDaddy brings an easy-to-debug object cache for WordPress. Besides, it has a global content delivery network that delivers your content from over 200 locations around the world. This ensures you get a fast and speed-optimized website. 
  • You will get daily backup features with GoDaddy. It also has easy restore options with just a click. 
  • It has integrated site optimization tools. You can use GTmetrix to test the performance of your website and take action accordingly.
  • Migrating your existing site to GoDaddy is super easy. You can transfer all your activities with just a click. However, if you have a customized login page, you can seek help from customer care. 


  • Storage is limited
  • Regular plans support only a single website; multiple sites are too expensive 
  • Difficult to use and find the live chat option

Final Recommendation

From the above suggestion, you might get confused which one to choose, as all of them are excellent options in their own perspectives. So, we are summing up the comparisons for your convenience.

If you are a beginner, Namecheap would be an ideal choice. It offers easy-to-use interference with affordable pricing. However, when it comes to speed, Siteground, Kinsta, and A2 hosting are great choices. Besides, you can also go for WP Engine. It has great security and refund policies. 

The ultimate choice is on you; analyze all of the hosting services, and purchase the plan that seems best for you. But consider the storage, bandwidth, free features, and scalability before making your decision.

Frequently Ask Question

Which hosting is best for WordPress?

Kingsta is the best hosting for WordPress. It has 35 data centers that ensure optimal performance worldwide. Besides, you will get well protected security features, built-in database management system and more with Kingsta.

What are the types of hosting?

Hosting can be of several types; these are- shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, managed WordPress hosting, dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting, etc.

Does WordPress allow self hosting?

Yes, WordPress offers you both a hosted and self-hosted WordPress version. With a self-hosted version, you can download the WordPress CMS and buy a hosting package for your website.

Does WordPress host websites?

Yes, WordPress hosts websites through a platform called “” With this you need no worries about the technical aspects of hosting, security, updates, and backups.

Can I host a WordPress site on my own server?

Yes, you can host a WordPress site on your own server using self-hosted WordPress sites. Download the WordPress software from the official website and set up your own hosting environment to run your website.

Can you host multiple WordPress sites on one server?

Yes, you can host multiple WordPress sites on one server by WP’s Multisite feature. This allows you to set up a network of websites where you can manage multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard.

How can I keep my WordPress site secure?

Always keep your PHP and WordPress version updated for site security. In this case choose a hosting with the utmost security features including SSL certification, firewall protection, auto update, etc.

What are the WordPress hosting requirements?

The WordPress hosting requirements includes- HTTPS support, PHP version 7.4 or greater, FTP access, MySQL version 5.7 or greater and OR MariaDB version 10.4 or greater.

Can I switch my WordPress hosting provider later?

Yes you can switch your WordPress hosting provider anytime. Most of the hosting services give you free website migration facilities with their plans.

What is the best cheap WordPress hosting?

DreamHost is one of the cheapest WordPress hosting with great features. It starts just at $2.59/month. Within this price you will get a free domain, pre installed WordPress, free migration, unlimited traffic and more.

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