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Hi, web enthusiasts. Whenever we develop a website, we want that to load on your traffic screens as fast as possible. There is a combination of lots of things that make your web content at full speed, and the page ranks higher.

Well, you have heard about the caching of any website. It makes the web content load within the shortest time. This leaves a positive interaction of the web content with the users. A lot to unbox about cache, its importance, and a bunch of the best WP cache plugins from this read.

So, get ready to experience the highest exposure of the cache, and yes at the end you will find some FAQs as well. Let’s get started.

What is Caching?

Simply, it is temporary storage. When a user tries to unload a webpage, it will automatically present the stored web contents on the display. It stores the data or any web content in the local device disk and then represents it. It is beneficial because it loads the data faster than the RAM.

So, the webpage cache is an internet strategy to act as the smartest storage and great loading time. Some might wonder if the cache can load a lot of memory or giant data. But it can store the small information and images in a row that are necessary for the website. 

A user feels annoyed when he gets the slow-loading pages. It is assumed that the bounce rate gets higher. When you have a bounce rate that is 40-70%, then it means the website requires special integration. It indicates that the website requires a cache to unload the web contents fast.

So, caching is the temporary storage of web data. Again, you can find the CDN(Content Delivery Network) caching. It means the storage of data according to geographical proximity. So, it reduces the amount of cyber scam, and protects user information.

From the nearby local storage, the CDN cache displays the data in front of users within the shortest time. Then again there is the Domain Name System (DNS) cache. Remember, the cache is a blend of both the software and hardware elements that are in memory or integrated into the application. 

Why is Cache important?

It is important in many ways. Let’s pave the way one by one-

  • It improves the activity of data retrieval
  • The back-end load is not a headache. With the cache memory, the backend load is reduced and it is easy to explore the data.
  • Easy management of frequently used data from the database. The most used data can be retrieved based on throughputs. So, to reduce the hotspot of the database, cache memory plays a role here. It stores the frequently used data.
  • Again the inbuilt memory cache is preferable to the drive memory. Why is it so? Because it can initiate a higher number of input/output operations per second(IOPS). That means with the in-memory cache the site can act very efficiently by reducing the latency.
  • The crucial time/ highest clicking time of the website needs more attention. For example, if you are rendering any advertisement, sales, or special notifications, that means your crowd will click on the website more. How to deal with that? Again, the high throughput in-memory cache can save you from a higher bounce rate.
  • Moreover, it enhances the overall application performance of a website.

Caching vs No caching

By now, we all know why the cache is important. It is the linking way between the user and the data. In the meantime to make the path of data to the user even smoother, the storage/memory/RAM is the player. 

In practice, we know cache memory can be primary storage and secondary storage. 

The primary is in the CPU and the secondary one is near the CPU. However, the memory cache/CPU cache is your helping hand to store the data within your device’s memory. So that you can run the data of your device on a quick note. Again the web cache can be the site cache, browser cache, server cache, etc then there is also the data cache.

How does cache make the difference? On a solo note, all types of cache serve the same purpose. It enables the users to have the data on the table within milliseconds and store them. 

So, to get high-level performance and more value to your IOPS experience, the cache is necessary. It can deliberately deal with the times of spikes in terms of the user experience. 

  • Less time to retrieve or compute data.
  • Use the data resources efficiently.
  • One can clear the caching if needed. Not a difficult task. To speed up the storage level, one can delete the cache as well.

No cache

Designing and practice of the cache is very important when it comes to data availability and authenticity. Many factors affect a user’s experience. No cache makes data encryption a lengthy process. The user calls for the data and then ends up with a slow service because there is no stored data in the cache. Or less cache. No cache makes the responses available only when they get validation from the original server on each reuse. 

  • No cache means zero handling of the times of spikes
  • Performance and application become slower
  • More load on the downstream database if there is no cache.

How to Choose and Test WordPress Cache Plugin?

There are some basic rules that you can apply to choose the best WP plugin. So, let’s see the simple steps to choose the best one…

  • Check out the active installations of the WP cache plugin. It will help you understand what’s the frequency of using this plugin in general and how people use it.
  • See the latest update version and time of the update. It helps you to conclude that if the plugin has something new and has continuous development
  • Check out the ratings and reviews. That makes work easier and takes your decision one step ahead.
  • Then see the community support, WordPress experts related to this plugin. 
  • Also try the free versions and trial to see your desired results.

Cache Plugin Comparison Table

Name Active Installations Price Free Version availability  Rate
Lite Speed Cache 4+millions N/A N/A 4.8
WP Rocket 3+millions 59$/year for a single user and one website, 119$/year for 3 websites, 299$/year for unlimited websites No 4.9
WP Super Cache 2+million N/A Yes 4.3
Breeze  2+million 72$/month Yes 3.6
WP Fastest Cache 1+million 49$ one-time fee Yes 4.9
Reddis Object Cache 1+million 95$/month Yes 4,6
W3 Total Cache 1+million 99$/year Yes 4.4
Hummingbird 1+million 60$/year for one website Yes 4.8
WP optimize 1+ million 49$- starter
99$-business199$-unlimited sites
Yes 4.8
Cache enabler 1+ million N/A Yes 4.4

Best WordPress Cache Plugins List

Let’s roll on to the next level. Check out some of the best WP cache plugins for your ultimate user purpose…

Lite Speed Cache

Lite Speed Cache

It is one of the ultimate server-oriented WP caches. You can get the optimization of the browser cache, unloading heavy images with a minimum level of Javascript, HTML, and CSS. You can consider it as a multi-site  WP cache. Any web developer or user can implement the Lite Speed cache. 

From numerous CDN support to browser support and Cloudflare API, database cleaner and optimizer, heartbeat control and almost every other feature is available in the Lite Speed Cache. Around 4 million plus active installations of this WP cache.

It supports 27 languages to support its users. It provides separate caching of the desktop and mobile view. No doubt about the privacy policy in the LS WP cache. The server data and site data can be used for web page privacy.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket

This WP cache plugin makes your website very fast loading. You can optimize your web content perfectly with this WP plugin. Almost 3+ million active installations. Among the best features of the WP rocket, a user can make his website more SEO friendly, browsing is fast, and ultimately these results in a higher conversion rate. 

However, it is compatible with a bunch of hosting, themes, and plugins. It is compatible with GoDaddy, SEOpress, Woocommerce, WP Shop, and many more. This cache is applicable for almost all types of websites like freelancing, blogging, and e-commerce.

Also, when you have the licensed pack of this plugin you will get several facilities like a support system, multilingual, e-commerce support, an 80% easy setup system, and many more. Also, it commends the money back within 14 days of your purchase if you are not happy with the services. 

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

This plugin can be used in different ways for different types of users. No matter what, almost 99% of the visitors will get cached pages if the website is built with WP super cache. However, it makes a way of understanding web performance very smoothly. Because the web server can see the caching trend of their websites within the WP dashboard.

This plugin can be used in 31 languages. It has got amazing features like custom caching, CDN system, ranking the cached file according to speed-expert, simple, and WP caching cache. 

Simple the WP super cache makes the copy of your website’s each page quickly upon the visitor clicks. Consequently, the speed of your website is increased and the bounce rate is reduced.



It is a super easy plugin to install and activate. With this free plugin, you can immediately get started to see how your website is performing. The optimization of this WP cache plugin is best for those who believe in easy formulas. 

With some great features like cache cleanup, minification, simplified CDN, file level cache, Varnish cache, etc. There are available 10 languages to deal with this plugin. Breeze can help to initiate the website performance by using its inside cache mechanism. WooCommerce, Multisite, anything goes well with the Breeze WP plugin.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache

It’s a great cache plugin to generalize the website speed. This plugin can modify itself very quickly so no manual pressure. It can hinder page rendering. As a result, the time is not wasted. One cache system can generate static files. WP Fastest cache is simple and users find it easy to use. It creates less load on the RAM and CPU.

Around 37 languages are supported by this. Some of the amazing features are the – in the case of speed optimization you can get the minification of the CSS, and HTML, disable the emoji, promote static HTML, and GZIP compression to reduce the bulky content size.

Of course, in the premium feature, you will get the mobile cache, Google Fonts Async, database cleanup, and so on. Most of the users love it because of the support system of this plugin and page speed optimization.

Reddis Object Cache

Reddis Object Cache

This commercial WP plugin makes storage easier. Ultimately with this cache plugin, your website speed will increase. With abundant features, you will be able to get feedback from Redis. Supports almost 10 languages.

Simply it stores the search results in the database when it’s loaded. So, on the future call, it will not again search from the database, it will showcase the query results from the storage. 

But yes, the user might need software analysis knowledge. It supports the backend. One of the key features is the easy debugging, logging, cache prefetch, analysis, WP API compliant, then optimized for the WooCommerce, Yoest SEO, and Jetpack.

W3 Total Cache 

W3 Total Cache 

This WP cache plugin is best suited for boosting web page speed. It enables SEO ranking. However, by integrating a lot of features, this makes the best user experience because the loading time is reduced. 

Almost all of the web developers consider it as the best WP plugin because it boosts up the overall site performance. It minifies the HTML, JS files, captures the audience in the webpage for a longer period, browsing cache, improved SEO results and many more. 17 languages are supported.

If you take on the best features then you will get caching of databases, CDN management, AMP support, security support, Varnish and what not. W3 total cache is an overall solution for a website. It speeds up web performance with smart cache.



Speed up your page with a click. And yes, the Hummingbird WP cache plugin makes it possible. Faster conversion rate, better ranking all is possible with this. You will get the full set of cache tool here. That is full page, browser, and gravator cache. 

No worries about the lazy load offscreen images, compress the GZIP files, minify the CSS, use efficient cache and so on. This free web speed optimization plugin has lots of premium features. It has 18 available languages.

So, the users get the scan-fix process to improve the page loading, asset optimization to ensure the proper use of CSS, JS, configuration, world class caching, easy to set up etc. 

WP optimize

WP optimize

A simple popular WP plugin to boost your website performance. It is known as the fastest and clean WP cache plugin. With this cache plugin, you can clear your database to make vacant space and delete the unnecessary data.

It minifies the CSS, JS scripts. Make mobile friendly caches. Again it compresses the images, larger files, auto compression is available here. With the easy configuration, you can enjoy the features like cache preloading, GZIP cache, browser cache, etc.

In the premium plan, you will get the control, seamless GUI, scheduling, etc. It reduces the unnecessary use of the data. It is easy to use with Cloudflare and of course it’s compatible. 

Cache Enabler 

Cache Enabler 

It is one of the fastest cache WP engines. Also it is a simple one to implement. KeyCDN oriented. Cache enabler has great web support.

Cache enabler loads the web pages very quickly because it generates the static HTML. With the cache enabler plugin, you need the minimum configuration. The best part is it reduces the load on the backend process. It stores the loading resources on the frontend pages and then stores them on disk. You can find this lightweight cache plugin very supportive.

Among its amazing features you can find the pre-compressing caches pages with the Brotli and Gzip. Auto Optimization, smart cache clearing, mobile support, web support, static HTML without fly compression and what not. Users find it functional and an existing plugin.


 It’s obvious that you want to reach your audience at the fastest time. With different types of plugins-server, browser, CDN, you can upgrade your website efficiency. It really happens that the users on mobile phones or websites leave immediately when the website unloads very late.

Basically, Cache stores the data, then represents it from the previous query results without searching it from the database. So, now you know all about the best WP cache plugin. It is easy to decide one for your website, isn’t it? So, let’s plug in and make the browsing faster!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best free cache plugin for WordPress?

WP rocket is the best free cache plugin for WP. Because the user doesn’t need to have technical knowledge to handle this WP plugin. It is compatible with the CDN. With the user friendly GUI, one can make the SEO optimized, fast loading web pages with WP rocket

Does every website need a WordPress Cache Plugin?

Well, WP plugins are important for any website orientation. And when it comes to the cache plugin, it’s really needed. It makes the web page fast loading, less latency and sometimes covers the SEO optimization.

What does a WordPress Cache plugin do?

On a simple note, the cache plugin increases the speed of a browser. It improves the overall performance of a website. It unloads the heavy web content within no time by the management of the storage database. It can clear, manage and compress the database.

Can I use more than one WordPress Cache Plugin?

You can use multiple WP cache plugins. But it is wise to use the one cache on your website at once. Because it makes the duplications of cache plugin functions.

Do I need a Cache Plugin when I use Cloudflare?

You can use the cache with the cloudflare. No doubt it will improve your website performance. Cloudflare stores the data and serves the web content. Then the Cache plugin makes the web pages quick.

When do you need a WordPress Cache Plugin?

It turns the dynamic pages to static pages inside the website, and it increases the website overall speed and performance. So, if you have a slow any purpose website, then you need a WP cache plugin without any code apparently.

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