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What comes into your mind first when you think of a website? A collection of web pages! That is a very common thing we all know. All the web pages contain important information/data that we seek. Viewers browse the website to get any sort of information or to enjoy any service they want.

Building a website needs knowledge and consciousness. You can’t drag and drop anything into your website. You should know what your website is going to be for. Then organize the works one by one. So, track who are your viewers, what is your instance to offer, and how you are going to present the website online. 

But wait, that’s not the end of the story of making a website. There is a lot of cooking behind building a website. Unlike we need to abide by rules and regulations for living, there are similar kinds of websites online.

Online websites can’t just extract the viewer’s data easily. There are some official rule books that website builders need to follow. That rule book is GDPR. Let’s get down to the root of GDPR Plugin why we need this, and what WordPress has to offer regarding the GDPR. Hit to compliance.

What is GDPR And Why Should You Comply?

Many privacy and security laws have evolved to make the world a better place and safer. Now the world has become a global village via the internet. So, internet things like apps, and websites need to comply with some rules. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the strongest and most spread law for websites regarding data protection. 

The law was enacted on May 25, 2018, by the European Union (EU). The law was initiated to protect the data of native Europeans but later on, it became a necessary law for everyone. Because if your website is serving worldwide you need to abide by it. 

In general, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) need to abide by this law. Also, the law declares fines for those websites that violate the data protection laws of people. Corely, the law has some basic points regarding data protection. They are:

  • Data subject: The visitors or customers of a website. 
  • Data controller: The website owner/publisher/an employee who will manage the data collected from the viewers/data subjects.
  • Data processor: Any third party involved in processing the data on behalf of the data controller. 
  • Personal Data: The viewer’s email, choice of cookies, and comments that are recorded.
  • Data processing: The data controller or the processor will be organizing the personal data of the viewers.

Almost all the websites are accounted to follow the law and ask consent from the viewers to process their data for the website’s functionality. Yet if the data security of a viewer is at stake, the miscreant will be given penalties for the violation. According to the GDPR law by the EU, the viewers of a website have the right…

  • to get information
  • to get access
  • towards rectification
  • to restrict any data processing activity
  • to erasure
  • to object
  • to data portability
  • relation to automated decision-making and profiling.

So, every website is under eye to obey the law and thus protect the website viewers’ information and keep them safe. GDPR is an essential tool to make browsing safer. A notation about the GDPR law is here below:

Non-compliance with the GDPR can lead to significant financial penalties. The maximum fines can be up to €20 million or 4% of the global annual turnover, whichever is higher, for the most serious violations. For less severe violations, fines can be up to €10 million or 2% of the global annual turnover.

Why Should You Consider WordPress Plugins For Data Protection?

Now that you know what GDPR is, you are ready to make the website according to the laws of GDPR. You can look for wonderful plugins that offer GDPR compliance and are easy to use for website developers. So, point out the basic notes of a plugin in relevance to GDPR…

  • Ensuring GDPR compliance: The first and foremost is to see if the plugin supports the GDPR law. The plugin must have data subject requests, cookie consents, privacy policy generation, personal data sorting, etc.
  • Data subject handling: The plugin should profoundly ask for the data subject means the viewer’s and customers’ requests and handle them, unlike the GDPR rulebook.
  • Customization features: To keep the GDPR law safe and correct, the plugin must match with your website content. Like the pop-ups for the cookie consent, privacy policy content should best fit with your website so that your website doesn’t lose its main target.
  • Support for the website owners: Of course, the plugin should be easy and always updated. It also offers a channel to connect with them. Owners can ask for support from the plugin community if they feel so.
  • Most spread: Make sure the plugin that you go with for GDPR compliance has a big community which means many users of that plugin are supportive with a good review.
  • Compatible with other regulations: The GDPR is not the only law that you have to abide by while website building. So, the data security plugin must comply with other necessary laws and regulations.
  • Compete with the data breaches: The plugin should be secure enough that it can handle the data breaches. Personally identifiable information (PII) should be safe from data breaches for both the users and the business end.

Well, the GDPR is not only for the end users it creates the extended responsibility for the website owner with extended benefits. So, choosing the right plugin at the right time can be a boon for the website’s overall performance. 

Which GDPR Plugin Should You Use For Your Site?

After a talk about the GDPR and how to consider a plugin according to the GDPR laws. Let’s forward to some wonderful plugins that can serve your website a transparent look yet the best services. We all know WordPress is a web development platform. With the drag-drop options, it has built millions of websites that serve millions of purposes for viewers and businesses. WP plugins can cover every vital aspect of a wonderful website. Let’s break down the 10 best WordPress GDPR compliant plugins.

GDPR Plugins Comparison Table

Name Active Installations Price Rating
Cookie Notice 1 million+ Open source 4.8
CookieYes 1 million+ Open source 4.8
Complianz 700,000+ Open source 4.9
GDPR Cookie Compliance 200,000+ Open source 4.5 700,000+ Paid
299$ for 25 websites.
49$ for 5 websites.
49$ for 1 website.
iubenda 100000+ Open source 4.7
Cookie Consent Banner by Termly 100000+ Open source 3.7
The GDPR Framework by Dta443 20,000+ Opensource 4.7
Tarteaucitron.js 1000+ 15€HT/month 4.5
GDPR CCPA compliance plugin 3000+ Opensource 5

Hand Pick Top 10 GDPR Plugins List

Cookie Notice

cookie notice

It is one of the best WP plugins that offer compliance with all cookie consent prerequisites. CCPA is an easy, customizable banner that complies with all the data security laws. For all the small and giant websites, the CCPA is a handy plugin.

It makes sure of the regular upgradation of the laws and updates its website banner according to that. It comes with 30+ languages. So, the CCPA has the cookie plugin and the cookie compliance all together. The best features of this plugin are the:

  • Safe Data: Data access levels in this plugin have three consent choices- accept the cookie, ignore all, and accept all. So, the viewers can easily choose their consent. 
  • Customizing is easy: As a designer, you can set the privacy paper on your own. That integrates well with your website motto.
  • Regulations: It complies with GDPR, ePrivacy Regulation, ePrivacy Directive, and others.
  • Easy data extractions: The data extraction or configuration is easy. The data subjects can review the privacy sources. 



Another plugin to focus on is the CookieYes. Not only does it comply with the GDPR of the European Union but the CookieYes abide by the data protection law of 10 different countries. Also with State laws of California, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia. So, this is a complete law-oriented plugin.

The plugin supports 41 languages overall so the users can find it quite easy to handle. Let’s grab some amazing features about the CookiYes banner for your website.

  • Single-click start: The cookie banner has a single-click feature to categorize the cookie
  • Listing cookies: A perk for the Privacy and Cookies Poly page. With this cookie banner, all cookies used for the website will appear on this page. So, a complete list of cookies.
  • Preference box: The viewers can accept or reject all cookies. Moreover, prefer cookies that are not used by the website. 
  • Converting the information: Convert and export the data subject’s information into a CSV file
  • Do not sell option: The cookie banner has a ‘do not sell/share the personal information option in the banner.
  • Web app linkage: with the CookieYes web application link, the free scan and consent log are possible.



Complianz fully complies with GDPR and other important privacy laws and guidelines. It has a wonderful consent management system and cookie consent notice. So, you can use the Complianz not only with WordPress it is also available in GitHub. It supports 48 languages. Let’s grab its premium features:

  • Support team: It has resolved over 118 within the last two months. So, the website owners can rely on their support system to fix any issues.
  • Geography-wise cookie notice: For the USA, and Australia, you can have different cookies or one cookie for all the regions.
  • Daunt the third-party cookies: Cookies from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can be blocked by the Complianz cookie banner.
  • Easy update: The cookie updates can change with time if needed and automatic cookie pop-up notice.
  • Support A/B testing: It allows you to see which cookie banner has the best responses.
  • Analytical tools: It has integration with analytical tools like Google Analytics, Clicky, Yandex, and WP Consent API.

GDPR Cookie Compliance

gdpr cookie compliance

An easy-to-use WP cookie plugin that supports 12 months of premium updates. It supports PHP 7 and PHP 8. The plugin has 18 languages incorporated. The users can experience wonderful support. Around 5 out of 6 issues have been solved from GDPR cookie compliance over the last two months. Note the best features of it:

  • Multisite feature: Offer the WP multisite features. That allows you to handle different sites and use the customized cookie settings on multiple sites.
  • Full-screen banner: The cookie banner supports the full-screen banner and allows the data subjects to choose the options of accept, reject, close, and setting options.
  • SEO and mobile friendly: The cookies banner will be automated with the mobile interface and have SEO built-in. 
  • Cache server: It supports the important cache servers
  • Consent privacy and expiration: The GDPR compliance cookies set consent expiration and have the privacy policy setting page
  • User-friendly interface and short codes: The user can easily manage or select their consent from nicely presented banners with easy wording.
  • Block and support: It blocks cookies of third parties like YouTube if not allowed. Supports analytical tools.



Let’s grab the details of this paid WP GDPR cookie plugin. Managing the visitor consent and website is very easy with It is fully editable and complies with the laws of the EU, USA, Australia, Brazil, UK, and South Africa. The key features:

  • Language support: It translates into more than 47 languages.
  • Scan Step: Easy configuration to tick all your preferences with a scan
  • Integration: The Complianz integrates the common WP plugins that support the website outreach.
  • Google-friendly and other support: It is certified by Google CMP and works fully in Google. Other supports are AMP, Adsence, etc.
  • Customizable cookie banner: The cookie banner would have user control, be accessible, and be SEO friendly.
  • Testing: A/B testing is available and no JQuery.
  • Consent Management: Keeps all the records, manages, proof of record, and data minimization.



This WP plugin supports all the international privacy laws worldwide to keep the websites safe and audience-oriented. The cookie plugin ensures you get the consent banner fully emerging for the visitors and easy to manage for the website owners. The perks of iubenda are:

  • Automatic updates: The cookie banner automatically updates when the laws are revised and drafted according to the laws
  • Language support: It can be translated into 10 languages- like  English, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian, etc.
  • Support team: The support system is always there. Within the last two months, it solved 4 out of 4 issues.
  • Record Keeping: The terms and conditioner generator keeps all the records or preferences of your users and lists them in alignment with laws. That helps you customize your cookie banner. Detects the viewers’ geolocation.
  • Autoconfiguration: It extensively scans your website and matches it with the right fit. 
  • Data processing: The data processing step is crucial and ibuando makes it easy to record data, with employment, and parties involved and check the law compliances.

Cookie Consent Banner By Termly

cookie consent banner

Another cookie management plugin to see through. Well, this plugin doesn’t come with a hefty amount of features but it provides the mandatory features with technical expert support. The key features are:

  • Language support: It supports 13 languages and you can translate them into your preference.
  • Easy installation: Set up is easy and scans your website automatically.
  • Cookie banner choice: You can customize the banner and banner position. Also, the cookies can be ’scrolled to consent’ or ‘click to consent type’.
  • Compliance: Comply with GDPR, EU regulations, and PECR (Privacy Electronic Communication Regulations)
  • Terms and Conditioner generator and Blocking scripts: This Cookie manager has a policy banner and it can block the different tracking managers.
  • User-friendly: Your site can be a user-friendly one. That means you can even have a cookie banner that will disappear if the viewer scrolls down. No data will be recorded.

The GDPR Framework By Data443

gdpr framework

Data443 initiated this cookie consent plugin in compliance with GDPR. Let’s see this cookie banner generator features at a glance:

  • Builder-friendly: The website builder can find this plugin easy to install and handle. 
  • Compliance: It complies with GDPR but the framework doesn’t guarantee the fully integration of the regulations.
  • Incorporation: It incorporates the WooCommerce and email subscription and newsletter plugin.
  • Language support: Support 13 languages.
  • Easy tick and delete consent: According to the Data Subject Access Regulation (DSAR), the users can easily tick the consent or see the DO not sell my personal information in the GDPR policy setting. So, the cookie banner is compatible.
  • Time to tick: Users get much time to set their content. 



An English and French language-supporting WP GDPR cookie plugin. It develops the cookie banner with the GDPR framework and mostly it is famous among the French web developing community.

GDPR CCPA Compliance Support by Ninja Team

compliance support

This plugin not only complies with the GDPR compliance. It complies with the California Protection Rights, Washington Privacy Act, and Act on Protection of Personal Information (APPI). The exciting features of this plugin are:

  • Notify first: Users can receive notifications regarding data breaches.
  • Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions pages and get their consent
  • Data delete or rectification: Users can use the Forget Me form to delete their stored data and also the rectification form to rectify their data.
  • Support system: The support system of this plugin is good.
  • Updates: It updates with WP upgrades and it is not available as a plugin for other websites. 

Tuning to Laws

For both the business and users’ security, data protection laws are essential. It creates a safe network between the websites and their users. Similarly, the GDPR played a big role in building a collaborative relationship between the end users.

They know the consents and consequences well. The GDPR compliance will save you from any data breach, and fines and leave you with business success. So, try out the WP GDPR-compliant plugin for an ultimately safeguarded website!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free GDPR plugin for WordPress?

The GDPR cookie compliance is the best WP plugin. It provides an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface for website owners and they can configure the data effortlessly. While the website viewers can enjoy a straight-cut cookie notification bar and generate consent.

Is WordPress GDPR Compliant?

Yes, WordPress complies with GDPR regulations. The version of the 4.9.6 and further versions are completely set according to GDPR rules. All the policy templates, terms, and conditions pages are according to that.

Is WooCommerce GDPR compliance?

WooCommerce is not GDPR compliant. To make the WooCommerce site GDPR compliant and store the customer’s data safely and efficiently the site owner needs to go for a WP GDPR-compliant plugin.

Does every website need GDPR?

GDPR is initiated by the EU and for EU citizens. It wants to protect the users’ data. But every website needs GDPR. Even if they are not GDPR compliant they can comply with any other regulations to protect the viewers/customers data.

What Happens If a Website Is Not GDPR Compliant?

Non-compliance with GDPR can bring fines to a website. It will make a bad impression on the website all out. As stated in the GDPR law, not complying with GDPR can charge 4% of the annual turnout of a company. A humongous amount indeed.

What is the best GDPR and CCPA plugin?

CookieYes is one of the best GDPR and CCPA plugins. There are active installations of 1 million+. It complies with GDPR (EU), CCPA (USA) and LGPD (Brazil). And supports 41 languages.

What is the highest GDPR in the world?

The highest GDPR fine is 1.3 billion $ which is Meta’s fine issued in May 2023 due to the violation of GDPR between two nations EU and the US.

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