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If you have a blog page, you are well aware of what WordPress is. But what is Bitnami WordPress? Is it a better version of WordPress, or why should you choose Bitnami to open a website? These questions may be knocking on your mind at this moment. But no worries, this article will answer all your questions.

In this article, we have brought you a detailed idea about Bitnami WordPress and its pros and cons. You will also know its installation process and how it differs from WordPress. So, without further delay, let’s begin the discussion.

What Is Bitnami WordPress?

Bitnami WordPress is a well-known cloud-based service with all the essentials needed to operate and support its development. You can quickly create your site using Bitnami, which manages all requirements, including installation, updates, and monitoring.

With this, you get countless paid and free themes and plugins accessible to expand and customize WordPress for almost any circumstance. And for such a modern development framework, flexibility, and multi-author support, Bitnami WordPress is rapidly gaining popularity in the software industry.

This software pack is renowned for its excellent assistance and documentation. It keeps a library of written instructions and videos on controlling your app. Besides, this software is more impressive because it offers service through tickets, chat, forums, Skype, and more.

To simplify, Bitnami WordPress Stack offers everything you require in a simple, straightforward installation package for setting up, running, and managing your WordPress application. You can launch the WordPress application using Bitnami in the cloud, directly on a laptop, or locally on virtual machines like-  KVM, VirtualBox, and VMware.

What Is The Difference Between WordPress and Bitnami?

WordPress and Bitnami WordPress may be taken as the same, but actually, there are many differences between them. WordPress is a content management platform, whereas Bitnami installs the entire LAMP stack, including WordPress and more. The significant differences between these two are as follows-

Features: Regarding features and accessibility Bitnami WordPress is more advanced than WordPress. It allows you to operate multiple sites with different layouts and domains under a single administrator. Thus you can manage various plug-ins and themes from the same user interface. In contrast, WordPress requires too many plug-ins to bring these additional features, which makes the system too slow.

Security: WordPress is more prone to hacking and spamming. Despite installing all plug-ins for the highest safety of your website, it can still get hacked. Meanwhile, Bitnami WordPress has a more reliable security system compared to WordPress.

Authorship: If you have a busy website, managing the site single-handling is challenging. In this case, Bitnami WordPress makes your work easier. It has multi-authorship facilities using which multiple people can handle the website. Thus, it reduces workload and makes the website management task much more convenient. But WordPress only offers single authorship; thus, its management system is less flexible than Bitnami.

Language: Language is an important feature to consider for any website. And so, Bitnami WordPress offers multilingual features. You will get access to multiple languages using this. In contrast, WordPress does not support a bilingual or multilingual blog out of the box.

Speed: Regarding speed, Bitnami WordPress works great. The issue with WordPress is that it has too many plug-in requirements that make the site slow.

SEO Optimization: For blog and writing tasks, google ranking is a crucial factor to consider. With proper ranking, the purpose of blog writing is fulfilled. But WordPress offers only some limited options for google ranking. In contrast, Bitnami WordPress is more famous for effective SEO optimization options.

Therefore, these are the significant differences between Bitnami WordPress and WordPress. However, for your better understanding, I’ve brought to you the below chart showing a side-by-side comparison between these two. So, Check this out-

WordPress Vs Bitnami

WordPress Bitnami WordPress
WordPress is a content management platform distributed by Bitnami is a way to install the entire LAMP stack, including WordPress.
The security system is not as strong as Bitnami WordPress. This has a more secured system and so is more reliable. 
WordPress supports only single authorship.  Bitnami WordPress supports multi-authorship. 
It requires more plug-ins for additional features that make the system slow.  This has extensive additional features with low plug-in requirements. 
Tough to operate for the beginner.  It is a one-click solution to WordPress. You need not be a developer to use Bitnami, anyone can access it.
WordPress does not support a bilingual or multilingual blog out of the box. It supports multilingual features. 
It requires continuous checking and logins to update regularly. It provides you up-to-date development framework; that is, you get the latest version of WordPress.
WordPress only offers limited SEO optimizing features.  Bitnami WordPress offers a wide range of SEO optimization facilities to rank fast on google. 
WordPress has slow page speed due to all the added plugins, oversaturated databases, and codebases. The speed of Bitnami WordPress is faster than WordPress. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Bitnami WordPress 

Before installing Bitnami WordPress you must know the benefits and drawbacks of this. So, here I present you the advantages and disadvantages of Bitnami WordPress-


Bitnami WordPress has several advantages. Among those, the most prominent ones are discussed below-

  • Pre-Configured

Bitnami WordPress comes with pre-configuration that includes all essentials like- the web server, PHP, and database. Installing all these components one by one kills a lot of time. But with Bitnami, this issue is solved as it is ready to use solution for WordPress.

  • Multiple Site Management

Using Bitnami WordPress, you can manage multiple sites with different domains simultaneously. If you have a large company that requires multiple site operations, Bitnami can help. With this, you can manage multiple layouts and domains under single central administration and share plugins and themes too.

  • Flexibility & Customization

Bitnami WordPress offers a wide range of extensions, themes, and plugins, which give you a lot of flexibility and customization options. It includes a full restoration function that provides you with a copy of your data and other server customizations. Additionally, its cloud hosting performs continuous copies of the server, known as “complete” backups. Thus, it offers you next-level flexibility.

  • Reliability 

Bitnami Cloud Hosting is powered by Amazon, making it a dependable hosting option. You can use every Bitnami package through its cloud hosting service, which includes automatic setup, restoration, and monitoring. And the procedure is the same whether the coder uses a Mac, Windows, or Linux system.

  • Single-Click Launch 

When operating websites manually requires individual installation of several applications. And doing this requires tons of plugins which eventually slowdowns the site. But with the Bitnami WordPress package, you can launch websites with just a click. So, you need not be a professional developer to use Bitnami.

  • Easy Maintenance & Use

You can handle Amazon Web Services accounts from a single dashboard using Bitnami WordPress. Furthermore, it provides a completely configured, ready-to-use development environment for PHP, JAVA, Apache, Git, SQLite, Nginx, Ruby, Perl, MySQL, Tomcat, Memcached, Django, and Subversion. And this makes site management more convenient.

  • Security

Bitnami keeps all the parts of their stack updated with the most recent security fixes and updates. This can lessen the possibility of a cyberattack or other security breaches on your WordPress website.

  • Automation Features 

You can automatically set precise times for your server to turn on and off using Bitnami WordPress. Thus, you can have complete control over your site.

  • Fast Performance 

Do thousands of plugins add to your website every day? With high-demand sites, a common issue is that the speed slows down due to a huge number of plugins. And to solve this, it is essential to ensure your server can deliver faster material without using many resources. And for this, Bitnami WordPress is your ultimate solution. It has varnish (TM) pre-installed as a system cache to improve the speed of your website. So your site won’t speed down despite plugin loads.


Besides all the advantages mentioned in the above section, Bitnami WordPress also comes with some back draws. These are as follows-

  • Complex File Path 

Bitnami WordPress employs paths that vary significantly from industry standards. Therefore, understanding their custom-made folder structure will take a lot of time. And if you attempt to log into a server to perform some task, you may not understand the features at first glance. And that is a significant drawback to consider.

  • Updating Issues

Unlike a local install, Bitnami WordPress does not allow package security updates. The Bitnami staff must respond to any bulletins and will release an update to address any issues. These updates are full stack upgrades, so you cannot upgrade a single component simultaneously. Instead, you must upgrade the entire Bitnami stack. For this reason, you are recommended to create a backup of your application database for safety. Also, install a parallel Bitnami stack with the most recent updates, then restore or migrate to the new installation.

  • Access Lockdown 

The access lockdown feature of Bitnami WordPress can be taken both as an advantage and disadvantage. This feature is mainly added to protect your side from unexpected logins. But when certain applications repeatedly attempt to reach your website using a particular IP range, it may cause a severe problem for the site. After so many unsuccessful attempts, the complete website gets locked out, and neither the admin gets access to the website.

How to Install Bitnami WordPress? 

WordPress can be installed with just one click, thanks to Bitnami WordPress. This installation procedure is very straightforward, fast, and short. It takes no more than five minutes to set up. Here I’ve listed the step-wise process to install Bitnami WordPress in the easiest way possible-

Step-1: Download Bitnami WordPress from chrome or any other browser. Now, choose Windows, MAC OSX, or Linus in the Bitnami WordPress stack based on your computer. It will be downloaded within a few minutes.

Step-2: Open the Installation file from the notification bar of your computer.

Step-3: Then, you will find a language selection option. English will be suggested on the bar; press ok if you are ok with the language. But if you want to operate in other languages, you’ll find an option there.

Step-4: You will see a welcome screen after fixing the language settings. To continue the installation, click the next button.

Step-5: The application will now ask you to choose a computer folder to install the Bitnami WordPress stack. Choose your desired folder and click ‘next ‘to continue.

Step-6: You will find a box for admin account creation in this step. Provide your name, WordPress user’s name, email address, and password. Remember this information provided because you will require these while login into the admin panel. After giving all the necessary information, click ‘next’ to proceed.

Step-7: The login name you provided when creating an admin account will be displayed. Set a name for your WordPress blog. Later on, you can also alter the name of your blog.

Step-9: Your computer is now ready to install the Bitnami WordPress stack. It will take a few minutes to start the procedure. And once it starts, you’ll get the installation progress update on your computer screen.

Srep-10: To finish the installation, click “Finish.” A success message will appear on the computer when the installation is finished. Now, enter your site by clicking the link “Access WordPress.”

Thus, the installation process is completed, and your blog’s front page will appear. Also you can check out Wix vs WordPress

An Overview of Bitnami WordPress

Bitnami WordPress is the best and simplest WordPress to set up. It is a pre-configured stack that includes Ruby, SEO Panel, SilverStripe, Simple Machines Forum, Apache ZooKeeper, LAMP, and more. These facilities allow you to access multiple websites with different domains and layouts under central admin control.

Besides, it offers service through tickets, chat, forums, and Skype making the usage much more convenient. To sum up,  with Bitnami WordPress, you get a one-click solution to WordPress. It provides easy management of the website and gives you muti-authorship options too.

Last but not least, it keeps WordPress up-to-date and offers maximum security. So, if you are willing to open a website or manage your blog page, installing Bitnami WordPress is undoubtedly the best decision.

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